The Finishing Touch

Wicked Truth

Hello and welcome to the website of P&N Graphics. We are a small graphics design company, founded by two writers who also have a passion for art. Scott Carpenter and Sahara Kelly have been co-writing romance novels for what seems like forever, and they've shared their love of art for just as long. While Scott is the acclaimed expert, Sahara brings a fascination with pixels and an interest in promotional design to the table. Together they have been producing eBook cover art and other graphic projects for authors and anyone in the literary field for over five years - and hope for many more.

How It Works

The "secrets" behind producing fabulous eBook cover art. (And print covers too.)

So the secret? There is no secret. Sorry folks. As far as we're concerned, there is only one way to produce a great cover - work WITH the author. Because we can produce a masterpiece, but if it's not what the author has in mind, it will never be "great" in her eyes and she's the one who wrote the book. Our philosophy (because we are writers too), is to involve the author as much as possible. We pick brains, we solicit "visions", we ask a lot of questions. And our clients seem to be happy with the results.

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Our image pricing varies according to factors including time necessary to produce the final image, the number of stock resources we have to purchase to complete the image, and the number of revisions the author requests. We limit those to three. Most other projects are billed by the hour, since they can vary from the straightforward to the complex. We will ask for additional funding if authors require special/exclusive art for their projects.

We are happy to discuss special/discounted pricing for series books, or other projects involving work that we have already produced.


Scott and Sahara enjoy the chance to speak with writers, readers and just about anyone who'll sit with them and chat about the world of books. They don't get to do it too often, but have managed to attend several conferences together, representing P&N Graphics. Future planned appearances will be detailed here, so bookmark the site!